Vergés and Nuklee participates in the interior design of Banc Sabadell’s new offices in The LeadenHall Building in London

Banc Sabadell has opened new offices in one of London’s most unique buildings, The LeadenHall Building. The design and execution of the project, entrusted to Grup Idea Imagination that Sells, were carried out with the participation of the Barcelona studio Nuklee as the developer of the design strategy with technical support from Vergés, responsible for managing the woodwork.

The project is especially relevant as it is the interior design of the city’s second highest building at 225 metres high and with 48 floors, designed by Roger Stirk Harbour+Partners and built from 2010 to 2013. Additionally, Banc Sabadell was expecting a groundbreaking proposal as Lluís Saiz, founding partner of Grup Idea, explained; “since we know what Banc Sabadell’s bank offices are normally like, we were asked for the interior design not to be the same but to reflect the bank’s dynamism and overall, the new way of working with open spaces”.

The design strategy put together by Nuklee consisted of organising the required spaces into three functional bands running parallel to the line of service spaces (lifts, accesses, evacuation stairs, toilets, etc.). To this end, they decided to have a large, visible open space in which a series of sub-spaces would be arranged. Thus the different degrees of service and privacy make it easy for visitors to understand the space as a whole. As Miquel Àngel Julià, architect and design director of Nuklee, said; “all architecture has its internal rules, and we have to discover them and bring them out in our design”.

At the same time, the spaces must transmit the values of the Banc Sabadell brand without simply replicating the style of its bank offices. A design was needed that would unify the whole corporate space and which would be serene, friendly and pleasant for the purposes for which it was being designed.

Roger Vancells, Chief Designer for Nuklee and the designer of the project itself, tells us “…it was necessary to develop a design concept which could unify the entire corporate space using a strong, recognisable image which could be applied to the various uses to which the space is put.” Always respecting and consistent with the brand’s own image, the result was the creation of an atmosphere that would exude tranquillity, camaraderie and spaciousness, a place where everyday life would be a pleasant experience.

Vergés’ work together with Nuklee includes all the woodwork for the new offices, helping to define all the closed spaces where more privacy would be required than in the main open area: meeting rooms, staff room, offices, etc.

The designs also required special tailor-made furniture and a lot of skilled work to reflect the essence of the design produced by Nuklee.

Vergés was in charge of creating all the recessed lighting fixtures and ad hoc perimeter cupboards occupying the whole wall vertically, as well as the doors, wall linings and glass boxes.

The reception desk, staff room tables, kitchen furniture and also the office furniture were also by Vergés, and the chairs chosen for the staff rooms were designed by Lagranja.

The materials used for the furniture were basically oak, ash and lacquered wood, and for the parquet a combination of Tajo oak and light beech were chosen to give it a more modern look.

The installation of branding and signs was a task performed together with Mario Eskenazi. At the same time, the work of the bank itself in the selection of artwork was also key. Art, graphics, interior design and the integration of all of these elements are key to achieving an overall architectonic definition.


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