Vergés, Lagranja and Esther Rovira succeed in designing Bao Bar by Paco Pérez

Just Released, Bao Bar opens its doors to discover a wonderful design of the hand of the architect Esther Rovira Raurell that has managed to provide this space magic, optimism and serenity.

It is within a local restaurant group that owns the starred Chef Paco Perez.
Paco Perez is a renowned Catalan chef who has 5 Michelin stars. Two at the Miramar restaurant Llança and two in the hotel restaurant Enoteca Arts of Barcelona, both inspired food and fresh Mediterranean products, which have become world famous in the culinary world. At the restaurant 5 (zinc) is added, bet Paco Perez at the Hotel Das Stue Berlin.
In addition Paco Perez runs La Royale, hamburger restaurant where whole pieces of fresh meat come every morning to be prepared and chopped in a mincer cooled to 0 C. to keep the chain cold and get a thorough quality control. And finally the newly opened restaurant L’EGGS, a new dining concept where the star ingredient of the letter, egg, sometimes served with a cocktail in a cozy and cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Photography of La Vanguardia

BAR BAO evokes a Barcelones Asian night market making bamboo pot clouds to convey a casual, fresh and fun experience. To create this environment Etsther Rovira has used the following elements:
BAR BAO ¬experiencia space is formed by the following elements: ¬
The entrance takes maximum transparency to focus on the street and give a friendly and welcoming host. This opening to the urban space is complete with a balcony table: its top side facing the interior, while the lower the outside. ¬

The kitchen opens as a stage to show extravaganza steam and show¬cooking –
Beer is an essential part of the BAO experience. The counter which handles very special beers are located, extends for more taberneros diners. ¬
The BAO BAO Clouds Clouds are light lamps made of bamboo pots and LEDs to evoke a night verbenera optimistic and summer. ¬
Wall ¬barcelonés graphed of urban character to promote the talent of young artists. ¬
Two high tables serve large auditorium for the spectators comensales¬ enjoy this party deck and beer.


The stools are Lagranja desing, part of the Basic collection that produces and distributes Vergés give the elegant, fresh and Japanese touch on the premises.
The walls forming the bar and the kitchen are glass mosaic HISBALIT brand.

Hisbalit works with materials that are made from recycled glass, mixed with pigments of natural origin, given as mosaics result 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, perfect for decorating Bao as this project attaches great importance to this type of material for a minimal, casual and elegant space.



As you can see not lack detail in Bao Bar for entering the remembrance of a Japanese tavern we come. A fresh and young Paco Pérez concept already had in mind as he describes! BAOBAR is an informal tavern where fun and entertaining, with a street proposal shows that, sometimes, simple is the most sophisticated ”






About Esther Rovira

Architect (honors) in 2003
For four years he worked in international competitions for different studies: MVRDV (Rotterdam), F-O-A (London), Aarti (Copenhagen), Vicente Guallart (Barcelona). It is in 2006 riding an architectural firm with a partner and in July 2008 delves into the adventure of going solo and then give that has not stopped creating innovative and creative projects. Since then they try to take real, innovative and creative projects ahead
It is in December 2015  collaborating with architects for its proposal for the new Camp Nou, especially on the concept of facade and interior proposals




photograph: Esteve Serra

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