Presentation of Kimmi by Roger Vancells in Barcelona

Vergés presented Kimmi by Roger Vancells, the new Vergés Selection collection, at Barcelona’s Interface Showroom. In addition to the presentation there was also an exhibition of star products of the brand such as the Basic and Bold collection of Lagranja Collection or ABC by Lázaro Rosa Violán, the latter also of Vergés Selection.



As it coincided with the Interihotal Design Fair, the presentation was a success with significant attendance by designers, architects and influential people from the HORECA sector.



Kimmi by Roger Vancells stood out thanks to its originality, stability and solidity. This family of chairs hugs the body in a natural, flexible and comfortable way.

Kimmi is the result of the first collaboration between the Grupidea-Nuklee design studio and Vergés, led by chief designer Roger Vancells who joins the group of designers with their own, exclusive furniture collection in the Vergés Selection HORECA sector.


The collection designed by Roger Vancells, soon to be available, stands out for its family of pure, sophisticated lines capable of adapting to any space and adding personality to any environment.



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