Lagranja Collection presents its new developments produced by Vergés

At the beginning of December, Lagranja Collection presented its new developments in Madrid, which included the new Basic and Bold Collection models produced by Vergés.

New pieces for Basic

In addition to a renovated design of the Basic XL armchair and XL divan, Lagranja Collection incorporated the Room & Small Room Pouf, a retro-style upholstered pouf, and the Seta Pouf, named after its shape (Seta means mushroom in Spanish).

Bold Collection outdoor furniture

The Bold Collection is the first line of Lagranja Design outdoor furniture. Despite their robust appearance, the pieces are light and easy to move, thus meeting our clients’ needs. The collection comprises a chair, armchair, sofa, stool and a table.

See the Lagranja Collection brochure to find out more about these collections.

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