Networking day at Vergés

The Col·legi de Dissenyadors d’Interiors i Decoradors de Girona (CODDIGI) visited Vergés’ facility for a very positive networking event to establish links and see the company’s creation and production process first hand.

The visit to Vergés’ facility, located in Tortellà (Girona), allowed professionals from the sector to see the latest designs and collections and discover the range of options for finishes offered by Vergés products as they are handmade.




The purpose of this day event was to present all the products of the Vergés Selection series, our best range with exclusive designs, exhibited in the showroom of the head office, and for the designers and decorators to see the wide range of personalisation and customisation we offer to bring their projects to life.




Many of the professionals were surprised by how much our range has changed in just a few years, professionally and in terms of quality. This was clear during the tour during which they were able to see all the creation processes: the technical, carpentry, paintwork, upholstery, etc. departments. All performed manually using the traditional procedures that make the products of the Vergés brand durable over time due to their high quality.




The CODDIGI interior designers and decorators now know all that Vergés has to offer them. If you are interested in seeing inside Vergés please contact us to arrange a visit.

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