Bold: the first outdoor collection of LagranjaDesign

The Bold collection is the first line of outdoor furniture designed by LagranjaDesign, which is Barcelona study characterized by a spontaneous and natural spirit.

After the success of the Basic collection, LagranjaDesign has opted for the outdoor furniture with Bold, a bold and emphatic line. Bold furniture, although they have robust appearance, are extremely lightweight and easy to move.


Bold is a dynamic and wide collection which covers a chair, an armchair, a canapé, a stool and a table. The generous collection aspect has been achieved through the use of an aluminum tube of 32 mm of diameter, a dimension upper the standard in this kind of furniture. Likewise, the weight is reduced with the most obvious characteristic of the collection: using acrylic yarn-dyed in mass rope (which ensures the lasting color despite being outdoors) both the seat and backrest.


Like all products of LagranjaDesign, the Bold collection produces exclusively in our factory located in Tortellà where it can be ordered an infinite number of finishes, tissues and colors in addition to customize any product.

This collection has born as a result of the highlighted needs in the interior design of the Barcelona study projects. The Bold Chair was created for ThePopulist, a brewery in Istanbul, which needed chairs suitable for the outdoor that could also fit inside. The armchair and the canapé were developed for FOC Sentosa, the restaurant and beach club in this important tourist destination of Singapore.


This is a collection that comes on strong and that will fill with color and vitality any space. If you want more information about the collection you can download our complete catalogue and do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales department.

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