Bernardes Bench by Andreu Carulla Delta Awards 2016 finalist

AWARDS 2016 ADI tribute to the best national and international design from the perspectives of product, young talent and culture

The ADI-FAD, the Industrial Design Association linked to FAD, Fostering Arts and Design, is a private, independent and non-profit Organization headquartered in Barcelona. It is a referent for industrial design in Europe thanks to its constant efforts in the promotion of creative culture through exhibitions, professional lectures, awards and events.

Founded in 1960, it is a pioneer institution and the association with the longest trajectory and greater prestige in Spain in the discipline of industrial design. It was created with the intention of disseminating and promoting industrial design as a tool for social progress, the building block of a material culture that responds to the challenges of contemporary society.

The ADI-FAD channels its work by promoting design in professional, cultural, business and institutional areas, giving visibility to products, companies and designers through activities that encourage a better understanding of the role of design in society. In keeping with this line of action¸ the ADI-FAD organizes the prestigious Delta Awards for Industrial Design, the ADI Medals for final year design students and, as a novelty on this edition, the ADI Culture Awards for awarding the design culture.





The ADI Culture Prize is a great novelty on the national scene, since its goal is to spread the culture of design, exalting beyond objects and reaching the disclosure of speech, processes, events, exhibitions, installations, websites, documentaries or other expressions that delve into the conceptualization of design and experimental venture into the field of research and innovation.
ADI-FAD has decided to recognize the work from all types of organizations or persons made in favor of design culture. A new award that responds to the current reality, where design is present well beyond through objects.
The Board of ADI-FAD claims regarding these new awards: “When we refer to the discipline that includes activities related to the design of a product, we usually do so under the term industrial design. This designation implies a relationship with industry that does not reflect the current reality of the discipline that today is much broader. There have always been different ways of ideation, development, marketing, distribution, etc. outside the boundaries of the object itself, of large companies and the traditional market, and now with the globalization of the industry, more than ever. Since ADI-FAD want to recognize the work done in those projects that explore these new languages and solutions that are also of great importance for the design. ”
In the category path, the ADI Culture Award pays tribute to those individuals or entities for their work, their work and their influence on the design world, have contributed to the discipline evolve and be integrated into society. Most recognizable and recognized form.


Banc_Bernardes_imatge_02-SmallAN EXCEPTIONAL JURY

In the case of the Delta Awards and the new ADI Culture Award, the choice will be given by a jury of experts. The ADI Medals and the Outstanding Achievement Award are selected and awarded directly by the Board of ADI-FAD, composed of designers, business professionals in the sector and design theorists.
All awards have a pre-selection phase, conducted by the Board of ADI-FAD, which will choose among participants: Up to 60 finalists in the case of Delta, 10 Awards in the ADI Medals, 10 for the ADI Culture Award for project and several candidates without determining for Lifetime Achievement Award latter category. These finalists will after the deliberation of the respective juries.
The jury that will award the 2016 Prize Delta stands out for its independent and international, with great figures of the design world, like Jasper Morrison, who will chair the jury – London designer who works for the best international- companies, Mathias Schwartz-Clauss -directivo Domaine de Boisbuchet, a school and experimental design center located in France, Jeannette Altherr Lievore Altherr -from known Molina, Xavier Costa, CEO of Lékué and Grace Cardona, president of ADI-FAD. They will award a Gold Delta and up to 10 Deltas de Plata.
The jury of the ADI Culture Awards will consist of Viviana Narotzky, design historian, writer and curator Raquel Pelta, art historian, teacher and writer and José Luis de Vicente, journalist specializing in digital culture, art and technology commissioner. They awarded a prize for each category.



The handmade wicker and beech are the stars of the new materials collection Andreu Carulla.

Inspired by an old convent, Carulla captures the austerity and united discretion in setting a religious convent and gets plotted on Les Bernardes. With these new designs wanted to give a timeless character thanks to processes, but at the same current time, since design geometry requires very subtle advanced techniques.



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