and the winner is……Bernardes d’Andreu Carulla!

The Delta ADI Medals Student Awards: last Thursday, June 9th ceremony of the 2016 ADI Awards in the Design Hub Barcelona, awards that bring together the main awards of industrial design and product in Spain was held. And for the first time in its history, the ADI include an award dedicated to honor the culture of design and its contribution to society, the ADI Culture Award.

The Awards jury, formed by Jasper Morrison, British designer; Jeannette Altherr, cofounder industrial designer of the study Lievore Altherr Molina; Alexandr von Vegesack, founder and president of CIRECA and promoter of Domaine de Boisbuchet; Xavier Costa, CEO of Lékué and Grace Cardona, president of ADI-FAD, cofounder and current director of the publication online diarioDESIGN, decided to grant 1 Delta Deltas Gold and 8 Silver.

IMG_4704.jpgbanc-bernardes-andreu-carulla-by-VergesSilver Delta has been delivered to the bank Les Bernardes by Andreu Carulla  that produces Vergés.

Bank designed for an art gallery that previously housed a convent. He wants to capture austerity and discretion linked to a place of worship, while seeking to achieve maximum comfort for the user. They are self-limiting materials and production techniques used for the result to be a bank that could have been made a hundred years ago. A timeless, elegant and understated piece, light appearance but of great strength.

Jury Verdict With its solid appearance is able to convey the zeitgeist (spirit of our times) the resurgence of post-modernism.


Premis delta Andreu Carulla i verges foto Caroliina Sainz

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